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I am alive, extraordinarily alive.

I love to sing, sing loud and passionately.

I am moved with and by music and the space in time it brings me into. My memories are hidden in music.

I breathe in pain, wear it for awhile, and then let laughter and hope hang it back up in my closet.

I love to do cartwheels.

I wear unique pieces of clothes because I think it’s a fun way to express myself.

I enjoy my comfort zone, but enjoy pushing myself and others out of it more.

I am a daughter of the One True God. His finger prints compose me.

I see the world as an opportunity for eye contact and conversation.

I like to dance, whether it looks good or not.

I delight in words, both reading and writing them.

I love to learn new things.

I give time away like kids give away broccoli.

I am twenty-three; no more or less.

I play the piano; sometimes it plays my heart instead.

I ask questions every day because life is boring without curiosity.