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I don’t want to take up space

Made for someone else to use

To accidentally live someone else’s dream, someone’s life

Would be a matter I could not excuse

Just today, I said, “Find the opportunities that scare you”

To a sweet, young soul

Little did I know, the truth in my words

were for a person with my name

McKinzie Faith Knoll

What is it that resides within the places, things,

relationships, and words we run from?

I’ll speak the truth out loud

“I can’t,” “I shouldn’t,” and “Nothing will change”

Take up space in us that they do not own or deserve

There is more than this,

This life of running from fear and what could be

Could we be brave together, maybe,

And discover that honest words, steadfast love, and tears

Compose the fabric God has given us to wear and to daily set us free?

Think with me as we live out today

What can I do moving forward that

Won’t give _____  permission to stay?