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Hi! My name is McKinzie Knoll.

I am an Oregon-grown, small, fiery human with a need for words, tea, and eye contact. If we ever meet, you will likely finding me laughing at (and with) humanity or looking for my next thrifted outfit.

With introductions out of the way…

Welcome to the unhindered curiosity of a young woman who wants to meet the soul of the world. I believe God has written something upon every heart, a story written to be heard. And, here lies my dream for “Tablet of the Heart.” I want to hear the beauty, the brokenness, the extraordinary that has been placed within the human heart.

If we were to listen deeply, then I believe we would find the cord that tethers all of humanity together. I hope you will join me on this whirlwind of learning, listening, and loving people. Only God knows what we will find.