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You know those moments that catch you off guard, the ones that steal breath from your lungs and moisture from your eyes? I lived in one of those moments recently. I was sitting across from a beautiful soul named Heather. Picture with me: straw blonde hair and believing, blue eyes. She and I were exchanging life’s words, the ones like work, heart ache, and lessons still to be learned. Yet, there was something building within my own love for her, something pressing and heavy.

I was originally going to interview her for a story, but the scene was being laid for something more, something heavenly.

I told her, “these were the questions I was going to ask you:

  • What is your favorite thing about yourself?
  • Where does fear hide (or openly dwell) in your life?
  • Who do you share your broken pieces with?
  • Is there a strand of your life that is tying you down?”

She looked at me, eyes wary, and said, “Is it bad that I can’t think of something right away?” My first question had left her uncertain.

That’s when I felt my breath leave and a hope-filled pain entered my lungs instead. “Heather,” my heart cried, “you are worthy, beloved and chosen.”

I crossed my legs casually in my chair and recognized my blue-green eyes were being overwhelmed with tears.  I looked at her intently, and what I saw was her, enveloped in  Jesus’ love.

“He is pleased with you,” I murmur.

I cannot adequately explain what happened inside of Heather, but I can say this:

Those five words washed over her in a cascade of what seemed to be unattainable truth. Well-built walls of shame began to waver. The strands of doubt and fear that caught her hands and feet were loosened.  When Jesus’ freedom is spoken over someone, the bonds of slavery have to be undone.

We lived in that moment and carried His truth away with us, nestled into a crevice of our hearts. Speaking truth in love takes a deep breath; yet, our God-inspired lungs crave every opportunity to exhale His truth. Breathe it in and speak out.